Crisálida: Community Arts Project | Team
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Our Crisalida Team

David Gonzalez / Artistic Director

David is an award-winning musician/poet/storyteller with a passion for community work.  He has toured extensively and received his doctorate from NYU.

“It’s a joy to discover how the East Valley is packed with passionate artists.”.

Moises Huerta / Project Manager

The beauty of working for Crisalida for me is in being encouraging to the East Valley; giving love that is long overdue to the area of the Valley that often goes ignored and under appreciated. The fact that our focus is in the artistic realm adds more relevance to this process. The timing is great because of all the recent growth and incoming revenue here in the Coachella Valley.

Wendy Valdez / Staff

Wendy is an Eastern Coachella Valley native, interested in the development and accessibility of quality resources and services in the rural communities of Oasis, Thermal, Mecca and North Shore.

“It’s great participating in creating spaces that showcase the talents of East Valley residents, bringing people together and celebrating each other.”

Oscar Guevarra / Community Engagement Facilitator

As a visual artist from the Eastern Coachella Valley I am very happy to be able to encourage creativity and community through Crisalida..