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20 Nov Crisalida at Cultura’s SYNERGY FESTIVAL in Coachella

Cultura’s “The Synergy Festival” in the city of Coachella Crisalida’s first stepsBlog entry by Lenin Silva The Crisalida team around noon at the Synergy Festival in the city of Coachella(Jeff Norman/The McCallum Theatre)By, Lenin SilvaCrisalida’s first event was this past weekend the 17th of November,...

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14 Sep Angels in America — Coachella style.

DESERT MIRAGE HIGH SCHOOL - COACHELLA Meet playwright, actor, theater-maker, and long-time dedicated theater teacher Carlos Garcia.  Carlos and I talked in the black box theater in Desert Mirage High School where he has taught for the past ten years.  Carlos spoke to me about...

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09 Sep Indio Trifecta

It was another amazing day in the Coachella Valley. Started off with a visit to the S.C.R.A.P. Gallery, on the Riverside County fairgrounds, a place where the discarded becomes renewed, where young people get hip to the power of turning refuse into meaningful art. Here's a...

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07 Sep A Day of the Living in Coachella

RAICES Cultural CenterGiant blocks of Styrofoam carved with a chainsaw and hours of sanding into massive skulls for the day of the dead. Teens and their volunteer mentors sweating head to toe, smiling and covered in white Styrofoam chips.How do you spell empowerment?  RAICES, that's...

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04 Sep Ms. Can-do and Mr. Cutz

Hooked up the magnetic logos for my first day in the community. And away we go…Long good visit with photographer, educator and multimedia artist Jacalyn Lopez Garcia at College of the Desert today. Learned a lot about her artistic vision and the project called Lifecycles that...

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