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Bill Shinksy

26 Jul Poetry Workshop Graduation in North Shore

By Moises HuertaFelicidades a todos los alumnos de la clase de poesía en North Shore. Este viernes 24 de Julio celebramos la graduación de los estudiantes de poesía. Fue una celebración bonita que incluyó niños, jóvenes, y personas de todas edades.  La celebracion incluyo una sena,...

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07 Jun An Exciting Time In The East Valley

Blog by Moises Huerta     Hello everyone, once again our new Crisalida van rolled up; this time for a block party celebrating the wonderful work of the Coachella Valley Housing Coalition. The celebration took place Thursday June 4th around 6pm.      It was...

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28 May Culture and Women Rising

   Blog by Moises Huerta     Enjoy these pics from an event celebrating the women in our community. All good things in life were provided. Great people, great food, great art, and lots of talented performers.     Thank you all for attending and contributing...

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17 Dec Carlos Garcia’s “Luna Mala” Table Reading at The Coachella Valley Arts Center

Carlos Garcia's "Luna Mala" Table Reading at The Coachella Valley Arts CenterBy, David Gonzalez & Lenin SilvaA copy of the "Luna Mala" play folks who read used during the table reading The power of theater was in full form Saturday evening at the Coachella Valley arts...

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