Crisálida: Community Arts Project | Oscar’s Last Night at Coachella Community Homes
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Oscar’s Last Night at Coachella Community Homes

28 Oct Oscar’s Last Night at Coachella Community Homes

By Moises Huerta

Oscar Guevara’s art workshop at the Coachella Community Homes had their last night on Friday, October 23. There was pizza & juice for all the students. I dropped in and was treated to some pizza & to their beautiful work. It is not just the art but watching the students’ characters develop knowing that someone cares about their creativity and talent. Thank you Oscar.

                 Here is their excellent work!

Everything that the students chose to use on their letters came from items at home.


Their creativity is truly amazing!


                         Oscar says this is the class mascot.

                              Lots of detail in these letters to 
                         express each student’s individuality.


Karina’s creativity comes in many forms
The maturity is these young students is amazing!

                             Thank you McCallum Theatre
                         for your attention to the East Valley.


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