Crisálida: Community Arts Project | National Night Out Featuring AMFM
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National Night Out Featuring AMFM

12 Oct National Night Out Featuring AMFM

By Moises Huerta

Tuesday, October 6 was the 2015 date for National Night Out, a yearly event that brings the people in the community and the Fire and Police Departments together for an evening of information, food, and fun. This year was a little extra special because Crisalida was there providing the bad ass sound of AMFM. Following are photos from various participants. A shout out to Target for sponsoring the event & to Rosalva Campos for hooking us up.

A special thank you to the McCallum Theatre for believing we in the East Valley have something to offer the Art World. And thank you to all who continue to support our efforts to illuminate what was always there all along, East Valley Community Talent. That’s what Crisalida is all about, bringing out our shine.

This is one member of AMFM, Rolo.


And this is Mario “The Giant” Garcia also of AMFM.


This is a top notch facility. Please drop by and check it out.                                    Your teens will love it!

The Emergency Community Response Team (plus Irene Rodriguez) provided lots of info.


The Target Mascot Dog pulled me in for a group photo.

These are Indio’s Finest. They are there when we need them. Respect.  

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