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Crisalida Week in Review

03 Oct Crisalida Week in Review

By Moises Huerta

Hello Everyone,

Been so busy behind the scenes that I hadn’t submitted a blog in a minute. So here’s what’s been going on in Crisalida-land. David Gonzalez and I had a very nice visit with Nancy Vance from the Indio Senior Center on Sept 23rd where we brainstormed regarding upcoming events involving Olga Loya, a wonderful performer & workshop facilitator from Fresno ( who will be in the Coachella Valley November 16-20. There is a great vibe at the ISC every time I have been there. They have a great facility there and lots of potential for collaborating.

                                                              Nancy Vance and I

  On Sept 24 we did some equipment organizing and storing. Oscar is down for the count.

The rest of the week was devoted to the 10 Minute Play Fest that involved 7 plays which all took place at a taqueria. The subject matter ranged from issues of immigration, abortion, Alzheimer’s, grieving of a lost love, veganism, and a tattoo love triangle that had a gay theme.  Sept 24th was dress rehearsal for Tacos, Teardrops, & Tequila. Sept 25th and 26th were performance nights and the turnout was impressive. Following are highlights from the three evening’s performances.

David conducting a Q & A after the dress rehearsal.
Jorge Perezchica zooming in for a good shot.

Carlos Garcia stole the show with a sentimental story of the celebration of a love that has passed on.

All the actors joining hands raised on a job well done. Bravo!

                        My friend Juan Rodriguez was a big help in getting the food table set up.

                                  Check out David’s blog on the 10 Min Play Fest…great pics!

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