Crisálida: Community Arts Project | Live Mariachis at Galilee Center
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Live Mariachis at Galilee Center

18 Jul Live Mariachis at Galilee Center

By Moises Huerta

The Galilee Center in Mecca was a happening place this Thursday June 16. It was our first time to experience the talent of the Paul Lomeli Mariachi Group. As you can imagine the music inspired lots of Mexican emotion and lots of pride. It is not easy to ignore the desert heat but after a while it was all about the music.

It is our pleasure to have Paul Lomeli and his mariachis become part of our effort to spotlight the East Valley and all the talent that has too long gone ignored. Paul and some of his group are recent graduates and they seem to have a grasp on the value of being bilingual and bi-cultural. It is reflected in their excellent mariachi performance.

Here are some images of the day we had at the Galilee Center.

These guys killed it!
Puro orgullo Mexicano…

Completa la oracion:   Antes de morir, quisiera… Quiero que me recuerden por…  La leccion mas importante de mi vida es…

 Oscar making the sentence completion post-it boards. Dude is a total artist even when he prints letters.

(Below) Our photographer Jorge Perezchica moving in for the right shot.

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